TMB Membrane Substrate is a ready to use solution. It contains 3,3’,5,5’-tetramethyl-benzidine in a mildly acidic buffer in a one bottle format. Unreacted substrate should be faint yellow to pink in appearance. TMB Membrane Substrate develops an insoluble, permanent dark blue reaction in the presence of peroxidase. This substrate is not recommended for microwell or immunohistochemical applications. This formulation does not contain DMF or DMSO.

Sensitivity: TMB Membrane Substrate is ultra sensitive. This formulation offers a high signal-to-background ratio, making it resistant to fading.

Stability and Storage: TMB Membrane Substrate is stable for 2 years, from the date manufacture, when stored at room temperature (15° to 25°C) or 48 months when stored at 2° to 8°C. Over time, some flocculent material may appear, however, this does not affect product performance.

Custom Packaging Service: Neogen can package TMB Membrane Substrate in custom bottle sizes and volume fills to meet your specific packaging requirements. This service is a time and cost saving feature for any test kit manufacturer. For details on this service, please contact a Neogen representative.

Order Details

Product # Product Description
311247 TMB Membrane Substrate, 100 mL
311177 TMB Membrane Substrate, 1 L

For research and manufacturing use only.

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