Activity of Neogen's TMB Substrates

K-Blue® Advanced is a one-bottle stabilised chromogenic substrate for use with horseradish peroxidase (HRP) immunoassays. K-Blue Advanced offers superior sensitivity, long-term stability and is 100% REACH compliant so no additional hazardous labelling is required for transporting or use. K-Blue Advanced develops a deep blue color in the presence of peroxidase labelled conjugate and has been optimised for microwell assay applications, including ELISA. K-Blue Advanced is not applicable for use with assays requiring a precipitating substrate.

Sensitivity: K-Blue Advanced is a highly sensitive substrate. The formula offers comparable performance to Enhanced K-Blue and can offer higher sensitivity in certain assays. This formula features a linear response across a wide range of HRP concentrations and offers the most rapid turn-over rate of Neogen’s TMB substrates. K-Blue Advanced features high signal-to-noise and offers very low background.

Stability and Storage: K-Blue Advanced is stable for a minimum of 30-months when stored at 2-8°C.

Appearance: Clear to faint blue solution.

Custom Packaging Service: Neogen can package K-Blue Advanced in custom bottle sizes and volume fills to meet your specific packaging requirements. This service is a time and cost saving feature for any test kit manufacturer. For details on this service, please contact a Neogen representative.

Order Details

Product # Product Description
319175 K-Blue Advanced TMB Substrate, 200 mL
319176 K-Blue Advanced TMB Substrate, 500 mL
319177 K-Blue Advanced TMB Substrate, 1 L
319257 K-Blue Advanced TMB Substrate, 20 L (1 x 20 L)

Reference Materials

K-Blue Advanced TMB Substrate, Safety Data Sheet [319171] [319175] [319176] [319177] [319210] [319257]

For research and manufacturing use only.

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