Comparison of K-Gold and K-Gold Plus SubstrateK-Gold Plus is an innovative one-bottle p-nitrophenyl-phosphate (PNPP) substrate that offers excellent activity and signal-to-noise ratio compared to other PNPP substrates. K-Gold Plus offers 30–40% rate enhancement compared to our original K-Gold substrate. This corresponds to an average increase in signal-to-background of 64% for K-Gold Plus.

  • Improved sensitivity and activity, comparable to most sensitive competitor PNPP substrates
  • Easy-to-use, one-bottle formula
  • Excellent signal-to-background ratio
  • Minimum shelf life of 24 months at 2–8°C

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Product # Product Description
339175 K-Gold Plus PNPP Substrate, 200 ml
339176 K-Gold Plus PNPP Substrate, 500 ml
339177 K-Gold Plus PNPP Substrate, 1 l
339257 K-Gold Plus PNPP Substrate, 20 l (1 x 20 l)

Reference Materials

K-Gold Plus PNPP Tech Sheet

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