Neogen® recognises that one substrate formulation may not meet the specifications of all HRP-based immunoassays. Over the last 30 years Neogen has worked to developed multiple, unique, ready-to-use TMB microwell substrate formulations to meet specific assay requirements.


K-Blue: Neogen's first substrate released to the market


Enhanced K-Blue: Longest shelf life of any commercially available TMB substrate, with an impressive 48 month stability


Custom TMB: Ideal for immunoassays requiring a longer incubation time


K-Blue Aqueous: 100% solvent free, ideal when working under strict regulatory requirements


K-Blue Advanced: Highest sensitivity of any Neogen TMB substrate and 100% REACH
(2018) compliant

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All of our substrates offer excellent sensitivity, stability and lot-to-lot consistency, each substrate is evaluated for stability using real-time aged samples. No artificial ageing is used when confirming substrate shelf life and all are delivered with lot specific certificate of analysis which outlines both the sensitivity and background stability of the substrate upon release.

To better fit your needs, we can also develop and manufacture custom substrates and reagents to suit your required activity and sensitivity levels.

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